Monday, October 06, 2008

Agonizing Agape

Visiting an apple orchard is a great way to pass the time on a sunny fall Saturday. There are rows and rows of trees, lots of sky and a sense that even now, small joys can be gleaned from something as low tech as a ladder and a wooden pail.

The big sky is clear and the air is fresh--not the stifled kind that hangs in the air around the city.

M. Snowe, for the life of her (or more accurately for the life of her 9 month old nephew) couldn't then understand why such clear air could produce such polluted beliefs in her nephew's parents.

The actual words used to describe one presidential candidate were: "terroristic, socialistic, baby-killing bastard."
M.Snowe shuddered, thinking this is the language (and poor grammar) that her nephew is privied too daily.
Then someone let him suck on an apple, and he made a sour face the entire day.
One can only hope his ability to decipher the sour will adapt and strengthen with age.

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